Smoke and Particulate Protection - Blocking PM 2.5

Smoke and Particulate Protection -  Blocking PM 2.5

You may hear it sometimes on a weather report - elevated PM 2.5 levels. It’s a sign to stay indoors, but because PM 2.5 is an air quality issue, it’s not enough to just hunker down for the day. It can quickly find its way into even the best-sealed home through regular foot traffic. To protect your family from this airborne danger, you need to purify the air inside your home. It’s important to know what PM 2.5 is and what you can do to stop it, because not just any purifier will do. 

What is PM 2.5?

As described by the EPA, the acronym PM stands for particulate matter. It’s the term for solid particles and liquid droplets of contaminants that can be found suspended in the air. 2.5 in the name indicates particulate matter that’s 2.5 nanometers thick - which is 30 times smaller than a human hair. PM includes dust and other common contaminants - but PM 2.5 is a classification that also includes very fine particulate from combustion and pollution. 

Where Does PM 2.5 Come From?

Appearing in a variety of forms, PM 2.5 can range from physical irritants to dangerous airborne chemicals. It’s generated in construction sites, crowded city and industrial settings, and even naturally from fires. Whether it’s from a set of smokestacks or a wildfire - PM 2.5 presents a danger to respiratory health and air quality, indoors and out. You can’t control it outside - but with the right air purification, it can be eliminated from your home.

Protection from PM 2.5 at Home

Stopping PM 2.5 at home requires a special set of filters, rated specifically to block particulate matter of that size. With matter that small, though, comes even smaller molecules, odor-causing compounds, and contaminants. In the case of pollution and smoke from wildfires, a PM 2.5 filter alone doesn’t eliminate the other harmful molecules that are generated. An air purification system needs something else if it’s going to provide total protection from airborne contaminants - and Airocide is a system designed with exactly that.

Powerful, Comprehensive Purification

Airocide uses not only a PM 2.5 filter - but also a technology called photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO. PCO is a NASA-developed method for eliminating harmful compounds in the air that filters can’t catch. The compounds that cause smoke smells, poor air quality, and respiratory issues aren’t just trapped - they’re destroyed in an Airocide unit, providing clean air to your family with zero harmful emissions. 

Whole Home Protection From Smoke

Airocide systems come in a variety of sizes and specifications - but for eliminating PM 2.5 and the harmful compounds that come along with it, there are two units of interest. The APS-200 PM 2.5 is our smallest PM-rated unit, ideal for bedrooms and similar spaces. The APS-1000 also features a PM 2.5 filter, and it can purify and circulate clean air in living rooms, basements, and other large spaces. With the APS-200 PM 2.5 and the APS-1000 combined, you can defend your entire home from particulate matter, harmful contaminants, and even odor-causing compounds. Learn more on our products page, and begin your journey to clean, healthy air.

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