Protecting Your Health, Now and in the Long Run

protecting your health now and in the long run

If you have read our recent blogs or explored our site for a while, you know what PM 2.5 is. It’s a class of particulates that can hang in the air, are easily inhaled, and which only certain filters are equipped to stop. It’s been shown that airborne particulates can impact respiratory health, and that they can increase the risk of inflammation and even worsen certain conditions. But, a study from the University of Michigan illustrates an even more dangerous connection between PM 2.5 and overall health, one that would take a while to show itself but would have dire consequences. 

Air Pollution and Chronic Kidney Disease

Your kidneys are among the most powerful regulators and defenses in your body - filtering toxins, maintaining a proper salt, water, and mineral balance in your blood, and doing much more than that. 

As they process the blood in the body, anything that impacts circulatory health can often be detected in the kidneys first - or even cause damage there. That’s why the study from UoM showing that environmental pollutants could correlate with higher incidences of chronic kidney disease, or CKD, is cause for alarm.

“Similar to smoking,” says Jennifer Bragg-Gresham, M.S., Ph.D., an epidemiologist and the lead author of the study, “air pollution contains harmful toxins that can directly affect the kidneys.”

More than 27 million Americans are afflicted with CKD, and people with CKD are eight times more likely to die of cardiovascular problems.

Some factors, like diabetes and obesity, contribute to the risk of developing CKD - so at-risk individuals in particular should take precautions to protect against pollution, but unfortunately PM 2.5 is nearly unavoidable. 

Protecting Against an Ever-Present Threat

PM 2.5 is a cocktail of chemicals and other microscopic particles that are light enough to float in the air. Everyday activities put us near these particles all the time, inside and outside. Fire, construction activity, and driving everyday vehicles all produce PM 2.5 outside - but indoors, cooking, burning of candles, and even regular appliance use do too. Over the course of the day we’re exposed to and inhale PM 2.5 from a variety of sources - and these particles can include heavy metals or toxic chemicals.

There’s a way to protect against PM 2.5, however - and ensure that your home is safe from this kind of contaminant. Airocide offers several models that contain not only the powerful, pathogen-destroying PCO technology, but also PM 2.5 filtration. This multi-stage purification removes particulates and destroys irritating, odor-causing VOCs. With an Airocide unit in each area of your home, you can protect your loved ones from pathogens and particulates, and breathe easy - knowing you’ve invested in everyone’s health, now and in the long run.

Building Total Protection

There are two PM 2.5-blocking Airocide units that are ideal for home use: the APS-200 PM 2.5 and the APS-1000. For large spaces like living rooms, the APS-1000 has the power you need. For bedrooms and home offices, the APS-200 PM 2.5 is a perfect companion. If you’d like to provide safe, clean air throughout your whole home, reach out to us. We’ll gladly discuss how Airocide can protect you and your loved ones!

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