How Cleaner Air Leads To Better Sleep

How Cleaner Air Leads To Better Sleep

Researchers at the University of Washington were painfully aware of the negative cardiac and respiratory effects of air pollution. But, how did it affect other areas of comfort and wellbeing?

Martha E. Billings, MD a research physician reasoned that because of these documented effects on the upper respiratory system, there must be impacts on areas of the brain that simultaneously control breathing patterns and sleep. In a study involving 1,833 individuals with an average age of 68, they examined the effects of Nitrogen Dioxide and PM 2.5 because these are the most pervasive pollutants in society. Both being car exhaust residual. The findings were troubling, to say the least. This work was of particular interest to Airocide because our new PM 2.5 unit is capable of removing both of these pollutants. Since we recommend our home units be placed in the consumer's bedroom to be run continuously, this is a fabulous selling point for the product. 

The study utilized a metric called wrist actigraphy, which measures small movements. It provides data about sleep and wake patterns. These were measured over seven days. The measure is generally referred to as "sleep efficiency". Billings and her team noticed that the bottom quartile of participants had a sleep efficiency of 88% or less. So, they focused in on the pollution exposure of the low-efficiency group. They were able to determine that those with the highest exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide over the previous five years had the lowest sleep efficiency. Furthermore, those with the highest exposures to PM 2.5 had a fifty percent higher likelihood of lessened sleep efficiency. Other factors were ruled out conclusively as the researchers adjusted for age, body mass, obstructive sleep apnea, race/ethnicity, income and smoking status. The study will be released to the public in May, and we are eagerly awaiting its publication. Dr.Billings also indicated a desire for future work on other air pollutants. 

Frankly, this is the best case for Airocide I have heard in a long while. Look at our PM 2.5 reduction results we observed in a residential home (mine). We have the opportunity to market our PM 2.5 unit as a way to improve sleep. This adds even further weight to our feel better guarantee.

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