ARIA Air Purification

The ARIA is designed with the most advanced Airocide technology available. To achieve maximum efficacy, we added three stages to our catalytic process to address the entire spectrum of gasses and particulates that form fine particulate matter (also known as PM2.5) - air pollutants that can cause respiratory issues (including nose, throat and lung irritation, coughing, and shortness of breath). These tiny particles are about 2.5 microns or smaller and are the particles in the air that reduce visibility and cause the air to appear hazy when levels are elevated.


Carbon/Permanganate capture

more rapid removal of gaseous material


Hospital-rated MERV-12

to remove particulate matter


Reaction Chamber

UVC catalyzed oxidation

Breathe Easier


Breathe easier and feel refreshed with clear, clean air from Airocide ARIA.

Airocide is the most technologically advanced air purifier on the market. Our mission was to make sure that the look complemented the performance. We have won an Edison award for our efforts, and our customers tell us that our air purifiers are a perfect match for the modern home. But, our design is not just meant to look good. It is critical to making sure that our NASA developed technology gets just the right amount of air to be as efficient as possible. This name for this is the Coanda effect.

What Happens In Airocide?

Each Airocide product has a fan that draws the air from your home into the unit. The air is slowly pushed across hollow glass tubes. These tubes are coated with what is called a catalyst. A catalyst is something that makes a chemical process easier. The name for this process is Photocatalytic Oxidation. It is safe, efficient, and has been proven to produce no harmful byproducts. This is the exact same process that NASA used as a VOC air purifier on the International Space Station.

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ARIA vs Other Air Purifiers

We are certainly not saying that HEPA filters are not useful. They absolutely are. But, if you find yourself in need of an air purification solution you don’t need to buy one. Why? You already have one in your home! Most modern homes have air conditioning and heating units. The filter that you change every one to three months is a HEPA filter. So, it is very likely that at this moment every square inch of air in your home is being pushed through a HEPA filter about once every hour. If you still experience adverse effects from your home’s air; you need something more than a HEPA filter.

Let’s be clear about one thing; Airocide produces no Ozone. We have the lab results to prove it, and clearances from the FDA and California Air Resources Board to certify it. And, there is a very good reason we invested so much time in making sure that our products are Ozone free. Ozone is dangerous. It is a very reactive substance, which if inhaled, can cause serious health problems. It destroys lung tissue. Some places, like California, have rightly outright banned Ozone generators for use in populated spaces. But, there is still a lot of ambiguity out there about what is and what is not an Ozone Generator. Sometimes, products are labeled as Ion Generators, Electrostatic Precipitators, or Plasma Generators. But, don’t be fooled. These all produce harmful levels of Ozone.

PECO is a relatively new technology to appear on the air purifier market. It is often positioned as a “successor technology” to PCO (The Airocide Technology). But, again do not be fooled. PECO is a marketing term, not a scientific one. PCO is a Chemical phenomenon that was discovered by Japanese Scientists several decades ago. NASA was able to refine it for their purposes, and that is the technology which later became Airocide. You can take comfort in the fact that over thirty years of research and development went into your Airocide air purifier. The science is proven.

Charcoal has been around for a long time as an air purification solution. However, it has its flaws. The filters you are probably most familiar with is what is called a “Honeycomb” construct, because it looks like a honeycomb. It is easy, and inexpensive to produce. So, it has achieved a large share of the air purifier market over the years. The problem is that this particular design limits the surface area of the air cleaning charcoal sites. So, the filter tends to saturate very quickly. In some cases, they are only really effective for about two weeks. That means that they have to be changed frequently, and this becomes very costly over time. Of course, it suffers from the same problem that HEPA filters have. It is not an elimination solution. It simply traps what is in the air.

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Relief at Last For
Allergy Sufferers.

Do you suffer from allergies? Are traditional filters just not working for you? Our belief is that the kinds of filters you have in your air conditioner are simply not designed to eliminate the things that are making you sick. An Airocide air purifier can help. Airocide uses cutting edge NASA developed technology that has been proven to eradicate everything harmful in your home’s air.

The Air In Your Nursery Could Put Your Child At Risk.

The health risks associated with VOCs has been well documented over the last couple of years. But, did you know that VOCs are even greater risk to children? A child’s lungs are still developing, and breathing VOCs can lead to health issues later in life. Airocide can protect your children from VOCs. Airocide’s NASA technology eliminates VOCs as well as other harmful air pollutants from a Nursery or Child’s bedroom.


“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how helpful Airocide could be.”


What our clients have to say

Airocide pays for itself

When I started using Airocide purifier, I was incredibly astonished! It’s a one-time investment and that’s it, it’s incredible. I can’t say enough! I really really like it!

Airocide changed my life

If I saw someone that I knew that was suffering, from even a fraction, of the allergies that I suffer from, I would definitely recommend Airocide. I think it’s worth its weight in gold.

We love Airocide

Since we put Airocide in our home, we have had no allergy flare-ups, we sleep great, we feel great. Go ahead and try it, you have nothing to lose.

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