APS-200 Replacement Kit


With Airocide, there are no filters to change or electrostatic plates to periodically wipe off. You’ll just replace the Reaction Chambers when the indicator light starts blinking, approximately once a year.


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Neely Green
hoped for a different outcome!

my out of warranty unit was the issue not the replacement kit! I'm bummed out to say the very least I never got the opportunity to experience the greatness of good clean air both my daughter and I need!

The best Air Filter available.

Freight cost on the replacement filter is a rip off!

Kyle McGill
It's a direct replacement... but I wish they still did a recycling option!

The components are a perfect fit and easy to change and work perfectly. The one thing I do miss is the recycling option they used to offer. Now I have these two, large metal objects that I don't want to throw away, and since my local recycling program doesn't recycle something like this, I'm not sure where to take them!

Debra Bates
New Reaction Chamber stopped working after 1.5 weeks ...

The New Reactor Chamber stopped functioning about 1.5 weeks after it was installed. I've never had this problem with them before.

When I reached out to the company to ask them how we resolve this issue, they originally said I might consider replacing my purifier. I told them I have no intention of "replacing" my unit as it functioned well before replacing the new Reaction Chamber Filter. After I filed negative feedback, they offered to replace the Reaction Chamber Filter ,.. funny how that works. This should have been their first response.

Either way the product has served us well for several years. As I have 3 of their filters in the house, I'm hoping this will not become as ongoing problem.

Alfred Elston

Great service

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